Here's a lil' about the guy behind My Crooked Path


Hey, I’m Jason. I grew up in the woods of Washington with a sense of adventure instilled by my parents and fueled by books and movies. Though I live in the city, I love to escape as often as possible.

I’m an avid snowboarder, hiker, camper, biker, motorcyclist, Jeeper, mountain climber, peakbagger — really, the list will just go on.

Maybe we’ll run into each other on some crooked path.


  1. Had a question about your gear list for your hike from Stevens to Snoqualmie. Was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions. Thanks

  2. Jason – Love your website. Gotta question about Glacier Peak. Since we are grey in the tooth we are figuring that we will approach 2 days. Day 1 up around White Pass then on to Glacier Gap for the 2nd night. Thoughts? Advice?


    1. Hey Dean, thanks for reading! I would definitely recommend a 2 day approach if you have the time. It would allow for not-as-long days as my journey. My buddy and I are discussing doing this again and are planning on a “day and a half” approach; we’d head up to the trailhead after work and dusk/night hike into the Mackinaw Shelter and camp that night. Next day would leave us about 8 miles to Glacier Gap for base camp, summit the following day. I think we’d give ourselves 4 days total for exploring/weather concessions. FYI, the trek from White Pass to Glacier Gap has a lot of up and down and, depending on this year’s weather and snowmelt, can mean a long slog on mushy snow – i.e. slow going 🙂

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