Everyone should have goals in life and here is the list of adventurous things I want to accomplish.

Summit Each of the Washington Cascade Volcanoes

Why? Because they are THERE!

Mt. Rainier - 14,410ft
Mt. Rainier – 14,410ft
Mt. Adams - 12,280ft
Mt. Adams – 12,280ft
Mt. Baker - 10,781ft
Mt. Baker – 10,781ft
Glacier Peak - 10,541
Glacier Peak – 10,541
Mt. St. Helens - 8,365ft
Mt. St. Helens – 8,365ft

Run One Distance Event a Month in 2015

This goal is the result of a friend’s initiative in 2014 – she wanted to run 5 5Ks. A group of us joined her for support and as a result, we all ran between 6 and 8 5K events! This year, we all decided to step it up a notch and complete one event a month, including a half-marathon in September! Not all are chipped and some are more on the fun-run side of things.

Visit Every State in the US

The U.S. of A.
The U.S. of A.

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