Eagle Lake

A pretty easy hike turns into a parade of follies

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Location: Skykomish
Length: 4 miles, roundtrip
Elevation: 2600 feet[om_gmap zoom=”11″ lat=”47.777837″ lng=”-121.384792″ ]Getting there: There are two trails to Eagle Lake. The most well known is hiking 2 flat miles to Barclay Lake and then scrambling up the ridge from there. Less known is the easier backway in. Drive Hwy 2 and turn north on Beckler River Road just outside of Skykomish. About a mile in, turn left on FS 6517. Keep right for about 5 miles until you get to the “Y” just before Eagle Creek. Stay left at the “Y” – if you cross the bridge, you’ve gone too far. Just up from the “Y” the road makes a sharp left. Park here. The trailhead is not marked but a well worn boot path will be visible.

Hiked to Eagle Lake. Beat the crap out of myself on an easy hike and broke my fishing pole. Sometimes I just have off days.

Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake

Fishing fail. 🙁 I caught a nice little 7 inch trout that I let go right before this. Cast out again, snagged my lure on a rock. While trying to whip it loose, I lost my footing and jammed my foot into a rock (sure I broke a toe). I pulled a bit too hard to break the line and the pole broke instead, smacking the back of my hand. Ugh.

Once I got back to the Jeep, I decided to explore the logging roads and look for anything interesting.

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